Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi!    Time goes fast.  the month of October is here. Pumpkins, falling leaves,
cooler? temps., and fresh cider!  

I am going back to September.   We made it to the GLAMA RAMA, in Goshen, IN.  And it was a success.  GLAMA stands for Great Lakers Area
Motorhome Association.  And the rama for our area rally.  The Michigan Knights club had operated the GLASS rally each May for many years.
It was time for the rally to be produced by all of the chapters instead of just the one.   And the committees worked their tails off, having all the clubs that were participating volunteer for various jobs.   And the National President, Charlie Adcock, Sr. Vice Pres.  Jon Walker and Exec. Director
Jerry Yates were there for the full time.  You saw them every where, and if you did not get a hug from Charlie or Jon, it was your own fault.  Their smiles and presence gave the rally that extra, needed for a first time rally.
We will meet again in June, 2014.  And I feel it will be another success.
They thought to break even at 400 coaches.  We had 465 give or take one or two.  Good time, Good entertainment and good ice cream.  Your choice,
A & W root beer float or make your own sundae.

Then it was back home.  And the knee hurt and the Doctor said, yes, there is a little arthritis on one side of your left knee.  But it is your hip that needs to be replaced.  It is bone on Bone,  no cartilage.  This I knew, but was putting it off.  No more.  Oct. 1, in Anderson, I got a new left hip.   I have a good home nurse, named Ernie.  some days we were not sure who was the most tired.  But, he has changed the bandage and made a great device to put on those pesky support hose.  And taken me out to eat most every day.  Monday, the 14, the 29 staples come out and I should feel better.  The staples are pinching and the tape is itching. 

We are missing the last Hoosier Cruiser rally.  It is at Rockville and the covered bridge festival.  I had wanted to go, no way, this time

Ernie just came in, he has been doing some maintenance on the RV.
Wants to mow the lawn.  He sprayed for weeds last Tuesday and the dandylions are looking sick.

We hope to head for Florida about the second week of November.  Shall see what the Dr. says.

I had other thoughts I was going to write, but they are gone for the moment.
Hope to be on the road again soon.  If you travel have a safe trip, enjoy the fall and take care.


P.S. Sunday the 13,

I am wide awake, so thought I might add to the  blog.
The grass is mowed, may have to bale it in some places.  Fertilizer will do that, plus some rain along the way.  The grass is looking good under the pine tree.  We cut off many lower branches this summer and planted grass seed.  A few bare spots, does anyone get a perfect seeding the first time?
This time of year, you expect to see dry or yellow lawns.  With the rain we had last week, everyone is mowing lush green grass.  Looks great. 
Afraid to say this, but no frost yet.  Hope not for awhile.  We really had not planned to winterize the RV.  Hoping to be gone before a freeze.   We shall see.

Our daughter had to make a 10 minute presentation (along with 2 other teachers) to another group of teachers, about school, then and now.
She had a picture of her great grandmother (my grandmother) and her teaching certificate.  The back had her grades, all over 95%   And the subjects?  guess?, not like they have now.   Also a little desk bell I have of my Grandma Freeman's.   Then she skipped to Ernie's Aunt Jennie.  Aunt Jennie taught in a one room school for several years.  Nancy had pictures of the inside of the school and told how students took care of the building.
Ernie helped on that as he attended a one room school.
And then she came to the present and her own class room.    29 students.
And I add she has told me that at least 2 of them should be in mentally handicapped classes.  2 or 3 more have other problems.  she gets her class down to 22 or 23 and they have a decent class room.  I like the idea that she tries to talk with her students about some of the issues the problem students have and how to treat them and behave around them.  So many of her students do not have parents to help them learn.    anything!

Well, I am still not sleepy, but I have rattled on long enough.
Good night.

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